Our pumpers range in size from 750-2000 gpm, using only pumps custom made at Darley, Waterous or Hale companies. 


Our tenders vary in tank size from 1,000- 4,000 gallons. We can also add pumps upon request.


Our rescues can range anywhere from 10 ft - 24 ft for the body size, and are built upon request of customer specs.

Mini Pumper

Our mini pumpers range in pump size between 250-500 gpm, and can be larger if requested.

Brush Trucks

Our brush trucks range in pump size between 100-500 gpm, and built upon customers specs.


We do repairs as needed ranging anywhere from accidents, damage, and even replacement of parts. We do not deal with major pump repairs due to certifications, pumps will be sent back to the pump company.

Standard Custom Welding

We do standard ,medium-sized custom welding jobs of softer metals, as well as have metal priced to sell. Prices are available in person only.