How Welch Fire Equipment Corporation came to be: 

Cy & Rowena Welch and their son William Founded Welch Fire Equipment Corporation from their home in 1964, selling fire equipment. Within 3 years of the launch they had grown to the point of needing a larger location. So they constructed a large facility at 930 E. Prospect on the frontage of US 45. They started by building rescue squad units, but added pumpers and tankers and what ever the customer wanted. They have built over 1500 fire and emergency vehicles. The family had ties to the fire fighting business for decades. Bill's father Cy worked for Seagrave Fire Trucks in Clintonville, WI. When William graduated from the University of WI. his father convinced Bill to join the business. The Co. was formed with Bill as president and Rowena as vice president. Cy died in 1970 at the age of 63 after Bill had been in manufacturing just 3 years. Bill and Rowena carried on the business together for the next 42 years until Rowena's passing in Sept. of 2013.